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Desert morocco Trip Morocco Tours Travel : with the best offers of travel, formulas chosen by our experienced guide, destination Morocco in all inclusive circuit: the promise of a stay of character with the greatest requirement of comfort, Treat yourself to all the charms of Morocco by taking a circuit that will transport you from wonders to wonders, for holidays under the sign of Diversity with a reasonable price!

Sleeping under the stars in the Morocco Sahara desert

When the night begins to fall you return in dromedary to the stable camp, you install in the middle of camp, surrounded by nomad tents around fire of camp to taste the Sahrawi tea and to listen to music and the songs of the nomads, the spectacle continues, until the dinner will be served, then you will taste the traditional dish and after observing billions of the stars you enter your tent to spend the night.

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Morocco desert tours Merzouga Mhamid Trekking: You will discover the trails of the Moroccan south, the vast valleys of the Draa and the Dades, the Saghro and Atlas mountains, the desert of Chegaga and Merzouga … and the life of the nomads! Here are circuits to discover in 4X4 the tracks of the Moroccan south, the desert or mountains of the Atlas. 4X4 tours in Morocco original and personalized. With discreet steps and authentic accommodations, among guests with generous hospitality.

Travel to Morocco desert

Travel by a 4 × 4 and enjoy the beauty of the pleasant landscape, and you can admire the charm of the oasis of Draa, pass by the dry and desert road, or along this magnificent road appeared a line of green palm trees (Palm grove of Draa) which will then accompany you for miles to Zagora. During the stops, discover the rich history of the region, stories of dromedary caravans traveling the area with their goods.

Camel Trekking in Merzouga Desert

We will camel trek into the desert to spend the night in an equipped camp with music played on traditional Berber drums in the middle of the Sahara. When we arrive at the camp we walk to the high dunes to see the sunset. This is a great opportunity to take lovely pictures of the sunset and sunrise. It will be a magical night, when the sky is clear of cover and stars sparkle and shine with intensity.

  • Morocco Camel Tours 2 days tours to Sahara Desert

    1 night in shar desert

    This trip begins in evening, we organize the camel ride for the night in desert from our guesthouse near the sand dunes. The camels will be packed with foods, blankets and everything else which we will need. The trek will start with a 1 hour and 30 minute ride by camel into the desert.

  • Sahara Camel Trekking 2 days tours to Marrakech

    2 Days In Merzouga

    This trip begins in evening, we organize the camel ride for the night in desert from our guesthouse near the sand dunes.The trek will start with a 1 hour and 30 minute ride by camel into the desert. .

Desert Tours From Marrakech

The city is divided into two parts: the Medina, the historical city, and the new European modern district called Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle. The Medina is full of intertwining narrow passageways and local shops full of character; it also contains the large square Djemaa el Fna, where many hotels are located and tourists, locals and vendors congregate. In contrast, Gueliz plays host to modern restaurants, fast food chains and big brand stores.

Desert Trips From Fes

Fez is the medieval capital of Morocco, and a great city of high Islamic civilization. Fez has the best-preserved old city in the Arab world, the sprawling, labyrinthine medina of Fes el-Bali, which is incidentally also the world's largest car-free urban zone. Transports of goods is provided by donkeys, carriages, and motorbikes

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